We Want To Buy Your Car!

Not ready to purchase a vehicle, but need to sell yours? We buy all makes and models and will pay top dollar! Even if you're not trading in for a new vehicle, we are always looking for quality used inventory. Whether you are looking to trade or just sell us your vehicle, use our Kelley Blue Book Canada tool below to get an estimated value. We will get in touch to arrange an inspection and confirm the value we are willing to pay you for your vehicle

Purchasing a new vehicle is an exciting time for automotive consumers from Burnaby, New Westminster, Delta, and Vancouver. There are so many great options in the Canadian automotive marketplace, with over 30 manufacturers and hundreds of models. 

Once you've decided on a vehicle from Dueck Richmond, you may now need to consider what to do with your current vehicle. You choose not to have two vehicles in the household; there are two major options you have. Either sell the vehicle privately or allow our team to give you an estimate as a trade-in. Below we will cover some of the pertinent questions you may have.

Frequently Answered Questions

What is a trade-in value?

If you have the opportunity to trade-in your current vehicle towards the purchase of a newer vehicle, the process is quite straightforward. In essence, you are selling your current vehicle to the dealership so that you may purchase another. There are many factors that determine the value of a trade-in vehicle.

How do I trade my vehicle in?

There are many online tools that will help provide a rough valuation of your current vehicle. However, you are encouraged to bring your vehicle to our dealership so we can provide you with a more thorough and comprehensive inspection. The value of your vehicle is dependent on many factors; it may be worth more than you think; however, a visual inspection is vital along with a test drive to assure all vehicle features and functions are operating correctly.

As we mentioned, the process is straightforward, provide us with your keys and give us some time with your vehicle. It's that simple!

How to car dealers determines my trade-in value and how much is it worth?

How to calculate the trade in value once a vehicle is brought to us does take some time. Once compete you will receive a trade-in value appraisal sheet. Some of the important factors that we consider are as follows:

  1. The vehicles year, make, model and exact trim level
  2. If you vehicle has any extra add-ons or options
  3. How many kilometers are current on the odometer
  4. The exterior and interior condition of the vehicle.
  5. The current marketplace will play a big role. Looking into the value of your vehicle in our local area.
  6. If the vehicle has previously been in a collision

All of these various factors will be taken into consideration when completing your trade-in appraisal. A great way to help bring the value of your trade-in up is to make sure it's clean inside and out. If the appraiser has to guess how much time it will take to recondition your vehicle, its value may decline. Finally, the last point that needs attention is reconditioning costs; if we accept the trade-in, it may need some extra work before it is considered roadworthy according to ministry standards. Contact us for more information regarding trade-in value.

Should I sell or trade in my car?

There are many benefits to trade-in your current vehicle. Some vehicle owners choose to sell their vehicles privately; however, they may go through some headaches dealing with potential buyers. Listing on AutoTrader or Kijiji can bring some benefit; however, we want to take all of that process under our wings so that you don't need to. So be sure to contact us today.