These few videos tell you just about everything GMC is ready to share at this point about Hummer's resurrection as an electric pickup truck, that is aside from the photo you see of see of the trucks front end - this truck could be even more awesome looking than we imagined. 

We correctly surmised that GMC branding on the pickup will be de-emphasized. As you can see, the vehicle wears a large "HUMMER" lettering in the grille and a much smaller GMC badge down by a tow hook. Note also the size grille slots, and furthermore, we have deduced from other reporting that the GMC is to be full-sized like a sierra, not a midsized like the GMC Canyon. 

GM has announced that the new Hummer EV will have a whopping 1,000 horsepower and 11,500-lb-ft torque ratings. A number as high as that lb-ft figure is bound to represent torque applied at all four tires. Since the industry doesn't typically quote torque figures that have been multiplied through any transmission and axle gearing (i.e., for engines, we quote torque from the engine, before it is multiplied by, say, a torque converter), we figure that GMC's Hummer will fit four electric motor, one per wheel, with each rated for 250 horsepower. As for each motor's torque, that figure depends on how it's delivered to each wheel. If the motors were direct-drive in-wheel hub units, that'd mean each one would produce 2,875 lb-ft; if each motor were instead mounted inboard and spun a half-shaft axle through the same 9.73:1 reduction ratio Tesla uses in the dual-motor Model S (as an example), the torque rating would be a much more "normal" sounding 295 lb-ft per motor. 

One stat that doesn't need much more explaining? GMC's claim that the new Hummer pickup will be capable of hitting 60 mph in three seconds. Yep, the electric Hummer pickup truck is real, it's coming soon. The first electric pickups built at Detroit-Hamtramck roll off the line by the end of 2021, likely starting with this Hummer. It's expected to be joined later by electric Hummer-branded SUV.