EV Charging Options

Charging Your Electric Vehicle

Charging a electric vehicle is as easy as plugging in a cell phone, you can start a charge session in seconds. And Target Charge Level mode allows you to set a charging range based on how much you need, so you're always in control. Plus, Location-Based Charging can help you save money by letting you program your EV to charge at home during off-peak electricity hours.

Charging Is A Convenient Routine

Shifting gears from fueling a gasoline- or diesel-powered vehicle to charging an electric vehicle is easy for owners. It's just takes getting use to finding and using plugs instead of a gas pump.

Three Easy Ways To Charge

Rather than driving to a gas station to fill up, electric vehicle owners can charge at home, which studies show the majority do. They can also charge, whenever it is convenient for them, at work or at many of the public places they typically park.
120-volt portable charge cord

  • A great option for topping off your charge
  • Charge anywhere there's a 3-prong outlet
  • About 6 km of range per hour of charge
240-volt charging unit

  • Can cover an average daily commute of 64 kilometers in under 2 hours
  • Lets you charge at home and at public stations
  • Up to 40 km of range per hour of charge time
DC Fast Charging

  • Offers accelerate charging while you're away from home
  • Available at public station only
  • Up to an estimated 145 km range in around 30 minutes of charge time and is available for public use
How To Increase Overall Range

Electric vehicle efficiency and subsequent range are influenced by various factors. Many are within driver control, and most are also similar to the way of maximizing the gas range of ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) vehicles.

It is important to note that EV range will vary based on temperature, terrain (flat vs. hills), load (passengers and/or cargo) and driving technique (fast vs. slow acceleration).
Tips To Maximize EV Range
  • Preheat or precool the cabin while the vehicle is plugged in to reverse the battery energy for driving
  • Use heated/cooled seats for cabin comfort instead of HVAC controls, when possible
  • Drive at speeds below 100 km/h on the highway
  • Accelerate slowly
  • If available, use one-pedal driving or regenerative braking whenever possible
  • Ensure tires are properly inflated and not excessively worn

Energy Assist Makes Charging On The Go Easier

From everyday drives to road trip adventures, the myChevrolet Mobile App with Energy Assist is the perfect sidekick. Search for charging stations, plan your route and more, all from your smartphone.
Route Planning
Energy Assist uses key information like your vehicle's current charge, driving conditions and real-time weather to calculate the most efficient route for you 
Charging Locator
The app can also help you locate more than 40,000 compatible charging stations, and can even let you know if a station is working, available and compatible with your vehicle. 
To make public charging even easier, we made it possible to pair your account with EVgo - the nation's leader in public electric vehicle fast charging - with the myChevrolet Mobile App, so you don't have to switch between apps if you have to pay.  
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