What Are Brake Shoes and How Are They Different From Brake Pads?

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What Are Brake Shoes?

These are the part of a brake drum system that makes direct contact with the outside of the drum. When you step on your brake pedal, the shoes are forced out from the centre of the drum and use the power of friction to stop your car's wheels. The contact's force and the heat it generates make for shoes that come constructed out of tough material, but it can't be so hard that it would damage the brake drums. For this reason, the shoes are made out of a composite material.

What's the Difference Between Brake Shoe Systems and Brake Pad Systems?

Brake pads come employed in disc brake systems, where they serve a similar function to shoes. The difference is that while shoes press against the inside of the drum, pads press against a rotor disc's sides.

Disc braking systems usually have more stopping power and thus are preferred in modern cars. Drum braking systems generally come in older vehicles. Some vehicles have a mixed system, with discs on the front wheels and less expensive drums on the rear wheels.

When to Replace Your Brake Shoes

Your shoes may last for several thousand kilometres, but they will wear out. With the amount of force created by braking, something will get worn out, and the shoes will need to be replaced frequently than any other part of the braking system.

Getting your brakes checked regularly means that you get to pay the relatively low maintenance cost rather than pay for an expensive repair. Arrange for regular appointments with your mechanic or dealership.

You should contact your mechanic or dealer as soon as possible if you see signs of brake problems, including brake squealing, shuddering when the brakes are applied, a loose or "spongy" feeling to the brake pedal, and a warning from the brake light on your dashboard.

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